In 2022, the festival will be held with different content. samurai profession, parade of matsuri floats and Yabusame will not be held.Below is an example for 2019, when covid19 had no impact.

What is the DSMF?

The Date Samurai Musha Festival is one of the biggest summer traditions in this city.  Saturday night, you can enjoy the ‘Dashi‘ parading the streets with dancers and wadaiko drummers.  On sunday, the samurais will parade along the streets.  If you want to experience something very Japanese and special for this summer, this festival will be the right suggestion.

What is ‘Dashi’?

Dashi is a traditional parade float with drawings or wood and paper crafted figures of heroic “mushas” or characters from japanese tales. Date Samurai Musha Festival has a parade of matsuri floats called “musha dashi” parading many different dashis.  Most of the ‘dashi’ will have their own dancers or wadaiko drummers performing their original dance or music.  Many different styles so finding your favorite ‘dashi’ will be a good way to enjoy the festival.  (And don’t forget to grab a beer at the stands on the streets!  Enjoying the festival foods and drinks outside is also a part of the Japanese festivals)

What is ‘Samurai Procession’?

At this samurai procession, as known as the ‘Musha Gyouletsu’, almost 200 samurais will parade the streets.  Full armed samurais on their horses, matchlock troops, flag troops, and spear troops.

What is ‘Yabusame’?

‘Yabusame’ is a type of mounted archery in traditional Japanese archery.  The archer riding the horse starts from one end of the track, while the horse galloping at high speed the archer shoots three arrows successively toward three wooden targets.  Then quickly slow down before reaching the other end of the track. Come to the main site of the festival, you can see the ‘yabusame’ and it will surely amaze you.