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Hi I’m Jane Doe, here I will tell you a news that a monument of Date city have become legitimate during DSMF 2019.

Date Masamune is one of Japan’s famous 16th century warlords. One of famous warlords, Date Shigezane is his cousin, 
Date Shigezane’s descendant Date Kunishige, his retainers and townspeople move from mainland Japan to Hokkaido 150 years ago in 19th century was important event for Hokkaido Date City.

Date Masamune’s Helmet ornament is a crescent moon, and Date Shigezane’s is a caterpillar.
The caterpillar shows courage, because it does not retreat.

For decades, masamune’s (stringed moon) has been used as a symbol of Date instead of the orthodox shigezane’s Helmet ornament (the caterpillar). On the other hand, there has been a movement to correct the inexperienced expression for several years.
In my personal view, old people probably didn’t care about the correct history or academic facts.


 BEFORE                     AFTER












The newly corrected monument is the work of sculptor Motoka Watanabe. Born in Date City, Hokkaido, he is active all over the country, and his main work is a monkey sculpture installed on a high-class in Hakudo Inari-Sando, Ginza 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. It’s amazing that his work is placed forever in Ginza, which has the highest price in Japan. Oops, sorry for talking about money.




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