How I enjoy my DSMF!

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Hi I’m Jane Doe, here I will tell you how I enjoy my Date Samurai Musha Festival.
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I live in this city, but for those who come from other areas and don’t have a car, JR(train) will help you come to the festival.

If you’re from Sapporo, take the 9:32 am train to Date-monbetsu station. It is the Super Hokuto No.8, reaching Date-monbetsu at 11:13 am. From the station take a taxi to the Date Culture Centure, it’ll be a 10 min. ride.

Arriving at the Date Culture Center,the main site of the festival, first of all I’ll go to the food stands and have something for lunch, with beer!

12:30 am, watching the opening ceremony with beer under the sun. Isn’t it nice?

After the ceremony, let’s take a walk to the park right next to the main site.
Crossing a small river, there’s the ‘Geihinkan’, a guest house used in the old days(built more than a hundred years ago!). In this historic guest house, you can join the tea ceremony.

Oh, it’s time for the ‘Dashi’ parade!
Walking toward the station, grab some food at the food stands, find a good place to see the parade. Will, I’ll recommend the intersection between the city hall and the Ajirocho shopping street.

Each ‘Dashi’ has it’s own style of performance so finding your favorite ‘Dashi’ might be fun.
Around 9 pm, end of the parade but the night just started. I’ll go for a beer and join the locals.

Day 2, a bit tired after the long night, I’ll go to the main site, enjoy the kids perform the traditional dance.

After lunch at the food stands, wait for the samurai procession come in to the main site. Don’t forget to bring your cameras and beer,The samurai procession is one of the photogenic events at this festival. And also the ‘Yabusame’ performance(horseback archery). Of course I’ll post it to my Instagram to get lots of ‘like’!

After the samurai procession and ‘Yabusame’, grab a beer and chill out wating the sun set. This is how I enjoy my Date Samurai Musha Festival.
Sounds nice, isn’t it? If you want to know more about the festival, text me anytime!

※Too much beer may cause alchoholic addiction and is a serious social problem.

We hope you enjoy your beer and the Date Samurai Musha Festival.


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